Wednesday, May 5, 2010

tick tick tick...

nephew Theo on the kaiPhone

tick tick tick
A world away a baby boy unknowingly waits
A world away his parents can not sleep
Ups and downs, a roller coaster, the unexpected. The journey of the P.A.P.
You've grown in our hearts and we're no longer waiting to love you

Some days fly by with constant thoughts of who you must be
Others drag as we don’t have a clue
We don’t know you. You don’t know us. We’ve yet to meet.
At what point did we become family?

Did you know you’re in charge now? Yes, it’s true
Everyday is consumed with thoughts of you, talks of you and simply you
People you’ve never met ask about you. People we’ve never met ask about you
We’ve made new friends because of you and through you, they're now family

When life changes this big, one prepares to wait
And while we wait…
There are hurdles, hoops and walls to master
And when I think I’m going to burst…I now do

I can because this wait is temporary
When it ends, we’ll be holding you
And you can then digest us, as we have you for so long
This wait will soon end and we will all be stronger and ready

A world away you're peacefully and temporarily adjusted
A world away a new room and home full of love await you
And many, many open arms ready to give you everything
Now would be a good time for this wait to end

if you like it, we'll say it's mine
if you don't because there's no rhyme or reason, we'll call it 'author unknown'


  1. Love the poem, love you and love little baby N! And Kai too, of course (I can say that, right?) lol. Hang in there. It's hard but you can do it. It will be soooo worth it and you are almost there!!!

  2. "Like it".... Love it!!!!! (I feel like a coldstone creamery worker:) I love homegrown poetry. Hoping you hear about your court date soon.

  3. I can totally relate!! Love it!
    Have you heard if your file is "submitted" yet? Maybe we'll see you in Addis!! :)

  4. I do like the poem!

    I can only imagine how much harder the wait must be after you get the referral! Come on court date!

    Thanks for you sweet comment on our blog today!

  5. beautiful. simply beautiful. like you, like you and kai together, like sweetest baby N, like your family. ode to N. my heart is lonely for him and also so excited that we can send him amazing love from so far away.

  6. Love it. You should definitely claim this! Such a great photo of Kai and your nephew! Yes, now would be a great time for this wait to end. Sending you, Kai and baby N lots and lots of love!!!!