Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy M Day!

I think I know more mothers this year than I've ever known in my life!!!...and that's a very good thing.

And in that group, I include my mothers-to-be blog buddies. I say this because anyone on the Paper Chase tab, Wait List tab, the Referral tab and particularly the Court Date (waiting to travel) tab of our unofficial-adoption-world-tracking-spreadsheet is a MOM in my opinion. If you're on any one of those lists, you're probably armed with more knowledge and readiness than is ever expected of a new parent. Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

My birthday was last week and because Kai is one of THE best gift givers, I asked him well in advance to please pass on a material gift, considering the bigger things happening right now. He obliged, suggesting a simple dinner after work which I immediately agreed to. Did I mention his choice in restaurants is especially perfect too? :)

So, we sit down to some amazing tapas and the best Malbec in town and then my best friend hands me a card marked simply with a "T". It's a scrapbookworthy card if you're 16 and the hottest guy in school dropped a card by your locker anonymously. YES, it's that good ladies! You know why? He included a coupon. Now, don't frown on the coupon card just yet. It's my first, but it's the best evAH! You see...six nights later, I'm still being pampered for a birthday that happened last week. I have a week of not cooking, cleaning AND I get a foot rub each night. I must say he set the bar pretty high because I have felt so pampered each night, which is a pretty good place to be after 15 (almost 16 years). And he starts this morning by talking about Mother's Day next year and what we'll be doing. The wheels are already in motion for his gift.

So why the purple flower on a zebra print ottoman? Well, because that's the N plant. (I just typed his name in error and deleted it) It's the plant that I will diligently work on, as my green thumb leaves much to be desired. It is what represents a good reflection post next year when we will be celebrating Mother's Day as a whole family. Hopefully I can maintain that plant long enough to have a sentimental post next year. Should something happen to it, I'm noting now that it's no reflection on anything other than...I have a really tough time keeping plants alive but I have hope :)

A special note to the mom's making this post very awesome grandmother, my mother and my mothers-in-law,
Kai & I couldn't ask for a stronger, more supportive group of women to have on our journey. We thank you all for your unique role in our process to BN and the special role you will all play in his life. This also includes the lovely aunts :) We're all so fortunate to have him in our lives and for you as the role models you'll be.

We love you!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!!

  2. awwwww. what a sweet birthday coupon. :) and ill be praying for your plant :)

  3. We didn't make the cutoff either. Ugh!! Maybe we'll end up traveling together.

    What an awesome Birthday you had!