Thursday, May 27, 2010

Retail Therapy

Mama needs a new pair 'o shoes...and the sparklier, the better!

So, it appears in honor of Baby N's seven month birthday on Wednesday, I subconsciously wriggled a gift out of it for myself. At lunch, I decided to take a long walk and mysteriously found myself standing in front of the most wonderful display of shoes with a little voice in my head bellowing: "Do it. Do it." So I did.

Other mothers-in-waiting will back me up on this...on some weird level you feel closer to your baby when you buy little things for them. Doing this occasionally is wonderful but it's not ideal if you already have a nursery stocked full of items from amazing friends & family. I also find it to be a very temporary solution, sometimes even making the wait worse when I have to put the item away in this ever looming nursery that screams, "Come on folks, let's get going!" (am I losing it if I think our nursery is speaking to us?)

Back to the shoes...they're the injection of lightness & fun needed right now. Things can become heavy in IA - as more birthdays pass, updates loudly pronouncing your child's growth while not with you, saving furiously for two trips, awaiting another call that holds the next clue to your journey and on & on.

Yup, these sparkly shoes are in order and I recommend it for all of you. I can't decide if they're fabulous for their Bowie'ish glam or so beyond tacky, like something one would find in the bottom of a thrift store bin. I do like that they resemble a little party for your feet and that's exactly the look I'm going for right now, so I've decided they are simply perfect.

Next week is a BIG one! There are five Gladney families with court dates on Tues, 6/1 and at least three more on Fri., 6/4. Sending prayers, crossing fingers & sending positive vibes and thoughts to all of you! Come on MOWA!!!

I also believe our lovely Heidi is returning from Ethiopia this week with the twins! YAY!!!!

Happy Memorial Weekend to all!


  1. Retail therapy is SOOOO good.
    I am a firm believer in waiting to go nuts with the nursery until referral, because the wait is SO much worse after referral and having lots on the shopping list is helpful.

    Of course, that philosophy can also bite you in the butt because our travel date came so much sooner than we expected and we are scrambling a little bit.

    Either way, fun new shoes, I want a pic of what outfit they go with. :)

  2. Retail therapy always seems to help!!! It has been so weird to not have Heidi around!! I can't wait to hear about the trip. I hope next week is a big one for you too!! C'mon Court Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Party for your feet- love it! Hope you're hearing court news soon!!

  4. Tam - I took your excellent advice and left work early today to go shoe shopping. My feet are now having their own little party in my new silvery flip flops!

    Waiting for our referral was like being led on a journey by a guide who refused to share the map. I became sad and frustrated because I just wanted to rush to the destination but didn't know the way. And when I asked for directions all I heard was, "Be patient, you will get there."

    When we got our referral, it felt like someone finally gave me the map! I could see the way to this child that I already love so much, just straight ahead. But, even though I have the map, I'm forced to take this twisting path, which anyone can see is not the quickest route...and all I want to do is get there.

    I know we will both get there, but at least today we have great shoes for part of the journey. I hope that next week brings your court date!

    Rebecca K

  5. lol...this is hilarious considering that I was the "purchasee" of a sweet -o- pair of shoes yesterday too. shocking considering I rarely every buy things for me. Love the sparkly glam rock on your feet for sure!

    wow...big week ahead! (we're moving this week...not nearly as cool as passing court or coming home with yummy twins, but a step in the right direction none the less) sending all our court passing vibes your way!

  6. LOVE the shoes...I think I need me a pair :-) Hoping for good news for you next week!

  7. foxy shoes mama tam!
    have you seen BABIES yet? I highly's an awesome movie and the perfect illustration that babies don't need much "stuff"
    at all. COME ON court date!