Friday, May 7, 2010

Today is the Deadline

Today is the final day for paperwork to be submitted to the courts in Ethiopia if families are to fall under the previous law and travel only once. Considering the time difference, all decisions have most likely been made and caseworkers will be reaching out to us today.

As of Monday, 5/10, families adopting from Ethiopia will be required to be present for their court date; requiring travel once for court and then returning a few weeks later upon their passing of court to pick up their child(ren).

Speaking as one of the families teetering on the edge with a 50/50 shot of falling onto either side of this new structure, I honestly don't care on what side we land. I just want to KNOW. After all the recent updates of Baby N, the pictures, the status reports, etc....I just want to go get him.
I spoke to our caseworker earlier this week and she confirmed that she’ll call on Friday with our news. Yes – something concrete. (the control freak/planner in me is kicking into overdrive – ha!) It’s peculiar how your needs and security fluxuate during this process. Knowing we’ll hear a firm decision from her today makes today a little bit calmer than yesterday.

The best part of this? Ethiopia is being proactive to protect their children.

In other news...(and what this is all about)
This lady will be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday as the amazing mother of her twin boys. Congratulations to Heidi & Mark on passing court yesterday!


  1. Thank you sweet friend! I still can't believe all the waiting is over!

    I am glad you will be hearing something definitive today. The uncertainty in this process is so hard. For the sake of expediency and finances I hope your paperwork has been submitted!

    Can't wait to give your boy some love in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tam - Will be praying that you get the answer you want today! And a speedy homecoming for those cute little toes.

  3. You are in my thoughts today!!! Love you!!!

  4. Love you sooooooo much! Hoping for news and sanity ... at least a bit of temporary sanity in this crazy waiting to wait to wait roller coaster!!!

  5. holy schmoly, have you heard yet, its almost 6pm for crying out loud!?