Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ma & Pa Gittens

Who doesn't love Little House on the Prairie?

one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress –noun
to take part in the beginnings of - verb

When your head is so deeply buried in something, it's hard to see anything objectively from the outside looking in. So, when a handful of various friends, family and supporters have referred to us as 'pioneers' I would simply look at them with a quizzical look. Well, now I get it.

As one of the first families proceeding under the newly enacted Ethiopian International Adoption laws (effective 5/9/10) we now see that our recent lull was directly related to being one of these so-called pioneer families. So, while I was pulling my hair out as others flew by us on the wait list (including a family who received their referral on the same day as us, who are now in-country picking up their child) our files were being brought up to speed to meet these new requirements.

Since receiving an update yesterday and gaining some insight into our case, I feel our heads are no longer buried and we can look at our situation as others do. You see, our paperwork WAS submitted to court. However, it was denied because the court requested further documentation specific to our case that wasn't a requirement under the previous law. It has now been produced and our file will be submitted to court over the week to request a court date. Now why couldn't I have simply recognized that we ARE among the pioneers and will most likely face a delay here or there due to the new policies in place? Well, because what I'm realizing is that when it's your baby at the other end of this - there will be no reasoning or rationale!

So, now that we're in the loop and know what is expected for the next step, we're exhaling a little bit. It's very possible we'll experience further blips, as the courts are becoming more rigorous under the new laws, but we'll deal with that later if we need to. Right now our focus is receiving a court date and crossing our fingers that it's before rainy season.

And in the true spirit of saving the best for last...

Happy Birthday Baby N!!!!
Sending loads of hugs & kisses on your 7 month birthday and a big squeeze to those humungo cheeks!


  1. Did they tell you what kind of documentation they needed? I keep having to remind myself not to have fears and worries about these kinds of things.

  2. You are a trooper. It is not fun to forge a path, or be in unchartered territory. Glad you have more information now, and hopefully things move forward without too many more blips. Thinking about you ALL the time. Happy Birthday little one.

  3. Debi,
    To protect his privacy, we prefer not to give further details on the type of documentation. However, I completely feel where your concern lies. Suffice to say, it's simply in line with the overall purpose of the new laws - to leave no stone unturned to confirm these childen are in fact orphans. A very good reason.
    Thank you both for your comments.

  4. Sending you a big hug, Tam. I hope you are given your court date very soon so those kisses can land on your baby's chubby cheeks live and in person! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. tam, i'd imagine the wait after your referral is 100x more anxiety ridden than the wait to get your referral. it's impossible to remain calm! once you see his face (and i can't wait to see those cheeks!) you just want to run to him and never let him go. i'm sending you lots of love and more deep breaths and +++++++++++++to Ethiopia that the paperwork is all good and you get a court date AND pass before court closes.

  6. I so hope that things come through quickly for you! The wait can be so hard post referral!

  7. I like thinking of it as pioneers! All I have to say is that I am breathing deeper now that I know your case is submitted and you should be getting a court date soon. Exhaling......
    Sending you many, many hugs and so much love!!

  8. We're riding that wagon right along with you. It's a rough road with the rain ahead. But I'm praying we'll make it through before the storms hit.

  9. sending you lots of love and hoping that you will have super smooth sailing from now on.