Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who Suggested This?

and what were the details???

Okay, so I'm lame by sending out a broadcast message, but I've Googled and searched my fingers to the bone trying to find this on my own to only turn up with naaaaahDAH after two days.

I'm compiling our travel to-do lists for Trip Part 1 (for court) and another for Trip Part Deux (the magical one that brings home Baby N). You should all know you're responsible for this massive three ring binder currently sitting on our dining room table! We've printed & filed all those fabulous tips you've suggested along the way. Said binder...will eventually be condensed to a simple journal to accomodate carry-on luggage requirements.

The missing link...approximately three to six months ago there was a self-described overly organized mother-in-waiting who planned her family's in-country spending by preloading a corrugated expandable file; each section labeled M-F with each day's funds in its allocated slot. Who was this? and where can I print your amazing travel tips?

Hopefully there is another control-freak out there just like me who printed, filed and/or bookmarked this tip. And whomever you may be...I thank you in advance!


  1. i have no idea. i remember reading that somewhere as well. good luck. i will compile suggestions for you soon.

  2. I think it was a Facebook conversation because I remember that as well. If memory serves it was Beka from I might be wrong but that is what I remember. :)

  3. I feel like you're going to be surprised by how cheap everything there is - we didn't spend alot of money day-to-day, just alot at the end paying the guest house, the driver, etc. You could put those dollars in their separate envelopes and don't touch it until you hand it over. my one big tip is to get 2 gallon plastic ziplock bags and pack your clothes for each separate day in them, as you can compress the air out and save alot of room in your suitcase. also, makes getting dressed easier when you just have to take out monday's bag! plus, having plastic bags is very helpful when around small children as you always have trash or something that needs to be carried. have fun!

  4. I wish I could say this was ME. but alas, I have not yet traveled and for SURE am not the overly-organized mother. In fact I am so far from that, I'm not sure what that even means!

    ****lightbulb moment****
    It does seem like there is a need out there, if someone were a overly-organized-control-freak-plan-ahead-type-mama, to write up an Ethiopian Adoption Travel Guide. I know this less-than-organized-but-somehow-weirdly-conrol-freakish-mama would pay the big bucks for this information ALL.IN.ONE.HANDY.NOTEBOOK.

    :) this is getting EXCITING. you are planning a trip to see the boy! to go to AFRICA! to see the boy! woooooooohooooooo!